Nineveh Ministries (Isaiah 61:1-3)
At the Gates of Zion
An Invitation
Come one come all who hunger and thirst for righteousness. I
speak to those who seek the one, true and living God who created  
the heavens and the earth and all there in which includes you and

Do you know where you stand before Him? Are you in His favor
or under His wrath? Do you think God is somewhere out there
disconnected from His creation after He made it or that every
moment you breathe is because He wills it? Do you know that
your very existence is for His own glory through Jesus Christ?

Do you know that He calls you to prepare and meet Him (for
meet Him you will) as your friend or as your Destroyer?

Do you know that eternity awaits before you for we were all made
to be eternal?

Shall you be with God forever in His righteous kingdom or cast
away forever apart from Him in torment for your acts of rebellion?

As God called to Adam the first man He calls to you, "Where are
(Gen 3:9) Do you know? One might ask if your soul was
required of you this hour (for God is the giver and taker of life)
would He call you wise or a fool?

Come then and sit at the gates and hear if you have ears to hear.
As I have freely received of Him so too I must freely give for it is
His will. It is the Bread of Life from which if you partake you will
never hunger again. It is the Living Water from which if you
partake you will never thirst again. A dead man cannot rise and
come to the table and receive of this but if God has given you the
strength partake then.